Política de Privacidad

Nuestra página web utiliza cookies. Las cookies son un estándar común en Internet utilizado para personalizar el contenido, gestionar el acceso, hacer seguimientos y mucho más. Por nuestra parte, las cookies proceden de nuestra página web y de otros servicios con los que estamos asociados. Como valoramos su privacidad, le explicaremos nuestra política de cookies de la forma más breve posible.

Puede encontrar cookies al utilizar BookmakerInvestigation.com en ofertas promocionales (cada vez que hace clic en un enlace externo o banner que le envíe a un bono u oferta promocional), para personalizar el contenido (para gestionar el acceso, el sistema de comentarios, la forma en que se presenta el contenido en las páginas web) y para el uso general del seguimiento (número de visitantes, ubicación de los visitantes, páginas por sesión, propósitos de conversión). No recogemos ninguna información que contenga datos personales sobre usted mediante el uso de cookies.

For Cookie & Privacy Policy related to operators listed on this website, please check their websites for full more details.

Google Analytics

With the use of Google Analytics, our website sets cookies under the form of "ga_" which are used solely for the purpose of analysing website usage. The website usage logs are not connected in any way to personal data of users. Website usage include general stats like number of users visiting our website, location (country, region, city), average time spent on website, most visited pages, exit pages. This data is collected and saved on Google Analytics servers (please check their Privacy Policy for more details). Data is saved and kept up to 26 months, after which is being deleted.

Facebook/Website Login

When users on our website register or connect using their Facebook account to place review/rating on any of the operators listed here, we get info like Name, Email Address and Gender. This data is saved on our server and linked to the comments/reviews posted in our website. We do not use this info to include our users to newsletters or marketing purposes. A user may request at any time to have his/her data deleted from our system by sending an email from the email registered with us. This way we will delete the user info, along with any comments posted. After user deletion, the user will not be able to login/post comments again.